in dreams i'm moving through heavy water

На фото я и моя стильная подруга Маша, которая ооочень не любит фотографироваться, но я вреднее.:)

В Москве наконец-то отличная погода!

dress - arrogant cat (London)
scarf - M-Missoni
faux-jeans leggins - Calzedonia
oxford boots - Andre (Paris)
bracelets - my own design
violet stone ring - my new lovely piece from some random small shop (i really doubt it has it's name)
silver rings with blue stones - thanks to my dearrr Masha - she brought me these AMAZING pieces from Georgia, this is real vintage :)

Masha wears one of my favourite Burberry coats, there is like so much history about it... It has seen too much, if it only could talk you would learn a lot of interesting stories. 
Well, i love her whole look here and i hope you'll enjoy it as well.

have a good weekend everyone)

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