we are influenced

Some pack of stuff explaining why should we keep of being inspired even when the times are rough and cold. Because it's this way now in Moscow. Ugh...

A little about ponytails. It suits to anyone and it's pretty and classy and I think that there's nothing not to like about ponytails.
 Warm wool shorts. Perfect for short-lovers in cold times. 

 Dark or neon lips. There's enough boring stuff we can do in autumn, but don't you let your lips be boring. Minimalistic make-up, plum lips and your smile can save even the worst day. 

 Labels. Some of them can make the saddest girl happy. Don't you agree?
 Nice and comfy stuff can help as well
 Braids. Be romantic and original, mix-up your braids with a ponytail. 
 Sweaters. Sweaters, sweaters, lots of them, so warm and pretty. I'm a truly believer in sweater's magic power to raise your mood from sad to awesome instead.
 Shiny sparkling dresses or bags are so IN this autumn and nothing could make me happier. A Miu Miu inspiration is never too much, you know.

And so are the beautiful pearls. Autumn for me is the season of pearls in jewelry. 
Aaaand some awesome people who can inspire just for being the way they are. 
Bambi. I think this girl just has to stop being so pretty and her eyebrows are still making me jealous. 
Sienna's Edie. Charismatic, beautiful, stylish. 
 The face of Burberry Beauty line - Cara Delevingne. 

 That's all for now


  1. it was really interesting to read your post & everything you wrote about is a real fucking truth! I feel the same... & need the same things this season except for shiny sparkling dresses... I'm mad about shiny sparkling shorts! xoxo

  2. beautiful pics!
    i really love this post!


  3. Great post, I like reading your blog! :)
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  4. love it all. xo

    p.s. I'm having a necklace giveaway from gigi vintage if you'd like to check it out. :)

  5. this is such a beautiful selection - cheers me up seeing all those cute things, making autumn not that horrible anymore ^^